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this is a story about life.

IZ is a reoccurring character throughout the lyrics, always causing some sort of difficulty in each song. IZ represents troubles that happen to everyone in life, the question is to do with how you will respond to these troubles. the characters in these stories respond poorly, each one finding themselves in some sort of holding cell by the last song.

i hope you enjoy, thanks to my friend isaac for making me post this and thanks to my friend rob for always supporting my music and also to my friend jubb for saying she loves my music even when we both know it isn't good. you guys mean the world to me.


released July 10, 2017



all rights reserved


timbr Carrboro, North Carolina

tired kid who makes music when he's lonely

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Track Name: kenny's dilemma
Kenny needs to change/
He's been skating away his pain/
talking to his buddy IZ/
about his existential crisis/

but what he doesn't know (Kenny doesn't know)/
IZ's been talking to the po-po (to the po-po)/
Bustin' Ken's buddies up for drugs (Not for drugs? oh my..)/
IZ turning into such a snob (Preppy snob)/

Kenny finds out and he's all alone now/
all his good friends are in jail/
he'd call his mama, but he screwed that up/
if IZ wasn't 6'5" he'd make him pay/

Kenny's roaming the streets/
trying to get on his feet/
already felt out of place/
'cause he only likes to vape/

but what he doesn't know (Kenny doesn't know)/
Someones been watching from their home (from their home)/
he knows that theres some good in Kenny (there's some good in there)/
Poor Kenny's misunderstood (Poor boy)/

That someone calls him, kenny's phones dead/
all he had to do was pick up/
kennys so sad, but he's too tired to try/
to get out of this 10 year slump/

Kenny might as well be dust/
Track Name: pitiful pip
Pitiful Pip is sitting on the lip/
that divides sanity and being insane/
he wishes that he could go back in time/
and rewind to a time where he'd do what he loved/

Give away his money and time/
deciding that he's made up his mind/
he's begging at the corner for dimes/
"Help because i'm falling behind"/
He finds, he's unhappy and selfish/
he needs to buy a new kit/

Pip's new boss I-Z just arrived/
to find Pip saying he wants to resign/
I-Z thinks its because of him/
He's mad, fires pip and ruins his resume/

Pip gives away his money and time/
deciding there's no reason or rhyme/
to this life that feels unfulfilled/
He cant believe he missed the tip/
He finds, he's unhappy and selfish/
he needs to buy a new kit/
Track Name: big Al
Big Al didn’t used to be so big/
all throughout high school he was the little kid/
people didn’t like him unless he took his meds/

Al wasn’t comfortable at first/
he’d always been the good kid, IZ the worst/
but none of the good kids came to his aid/

that’s how Al got into such foul play/

Now Al’s dealing on the streets/
hallucinogenics, disguised as sweets/
If IZ hadn’t picked him up when he was down/
told him to turn his life around/


Al’s living the high life, Kid/
He’s got a pimped ride, living big/
He’s never got more respect/

He’s feeling lucky, has a wife/
Got two kiddos, loving life/
He never thought what he did was wrong/


Now Al’s ruling the streets/
He’s getting old, he’s never been so bold/
So, when the cops busted in, “Its a raid!”/
Al quickly hit the ground, just like when he was down/

Al finds out he’s been framed/
IZ’s on some insane crusade/
“I’m cleansing the streets from you scum!”/

But Al says, “We were just kids!”/
“You made us this way!”/
“Why IZ, why?”/


You see, this took Al by surprise/
it eventually leads to his/

cause, IZ was one big/
idol in his eyes/
Big Al dies/
Track Name: andy loves her
Andy's in love with a girl/
if only he could tell her how he really feels/
What if she loves IZ instead/
He's buff and masculine, but Andy's to scared to try/
Andy loves her more than the world, if only he'd get the nerve/
wants to ask her out to a meal/
He doesn't know she's crushing on him, she loves him so/
but poor Andy doesn't know/

Andy's been saying she's too good for him/
he'll wait for the right time, has no timeline to win her heart/
He knows he's competing with IZ/
He's waiting for something, much uncertainty, but he's waiting for too long/

Girl-crush, she's accepted IZ's invite for a date on the lake/
and it went so well/
Andy he's run out of time, IZ's gonna make the seal/
the sad part is, Girl-crush isn't even happy/

What if it was your destiny?/
What if you ruined your fate?/
Now neither of you will be happy/
shoulda asked her out on a date/

Andy loves her/
Oh Andy you still love her/
Track Name: poor sally
Sally got thrown under the bus/
Muddied up her new white Chucks/
She's mired in guilt that she shouldn't feel/
It's not her fault he broke the seal/
IZ never was intentional/
He was with her for the wrong reasons/
Wanted to prove to his mom and pop/
That he was growing up real fast/

Sally, she's down, over her head/
paying for school, she thought he left/
money to get her through the year/
but no, its bad as it appears/

Turns out IZ really just got scared/
Maybe he loves her, but he's impaired/
Got an issue with his heart/
The nerves don't communicate in full part/

Sally, poor girl, will she go with her moral?/
Can she find the strength to forgive?/
Maybe IZ's doing the best he can/
Under some trying circumstance/

If he was raised this way is it his fault he did wrong?/
Track Name: IZ's life
IZ's gonna make it hard/
He'll be leaving mental scars/
doesn't matter if he tries/
there'll be trouble till you die/

IZ can't stand himself/
He hates what he does to other people/
He wishes he was someone else/
Seems like he's just made this way/

IZ's life, he's born with a mission/
Its sad, it's human life/
{His} Purpose to bring people down/
Talk about "dead inside"/

Never had the choice of life/
since he was born he knew it wasn't right/
"why am I only here to bring/
other people away with me?"/

Wondering, "What is my purpose?"/
"Will I ever die?"/
Not till the end of time he fears/
He has no chance for life/

IZ's life, he's granted a commission/
and he's paid by the devil himself/
all he wants though, is a chance for repentance/
too bad his fate is a thousand years old/
Track Name: what a mess!
Kenny finds himself in a cell/
got convicted of something or another/
he lost his mind/
so he'll be serving some time/

His bunkmate, Al, is staring at a wall/
hasn't uttered a single word/
Kenny wonders if he should reach out/
or just leave him alone/

They went off the rails/
They couldn't deal with their circumstance/
Well, now they lost the chance/
to change their fate, what incompetence!/

Across the hall, Pip wakes up from a dream/
only to find its reality/
tattoos up to his face/
the other inmates give him his space/

because he's earned the nickname, "crazy guy"/
we won't go into the details of why/
but he sure lost his mind/
when all his applications were denied/

They went off the rails/
couldn't deal with their circumstance/
Well, now they lost the chance/
to change their fate, what incompetence!/

Kenny still wants revenge/
Al is still dead inside/
the inmates are scared to look Pip in his eyes/
Sally hasn't forgiven IZ yet, what a mess!/